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Punch Pass Membership

10, 15, & 20 visit options every 30 days

Quick Details

Bad Axe $10 Co-pay | 10 visits | $15 Guest Co-pay
Axe Junkie $10 Co-pay | 15 visits | $15 Guest Co-pay
Axe Master $10 Co-pay | 20 visits | $10 Guest Co-pay

A membership at Black Axe is the most affordable way to throw. Being a league member has its perks, and gives a great discount on throwing, but let’s be honest… You would probably come more often if it were even less! We want to encourage our league members to strive be the best in the sport of axe throwing, and that takes practice. With this monthly membership, you will have 3 different choices. Each choice has its perks and are more fitting for some than others. Have a look at which level will fit your needs.

pricing chart